The Bamboo Gallery Wedding

January 5, 2017

Samantha and Geoffrey were engaged under the beautiful blue night sky watching fireworks. The night of their wedding was just as sparkling as that night .The newly weds shared their wedding day with family and friends at the Bamboo Gallery with gorgeous lite lanterns and sparklers. The couple danced the night away and enjoyed sharing the first taste of cake together.

We love hearing their proposal story
“4th of July at the Boynton Beach bridge. We had gone to watch fireworks with my best friend and her now fianc√©. We were watching fireworks and my friend pulled out her phone and go pro “to record the fireworks”. I was so excited and wanted her to take a photo of Geoff and I but was distracted by the fireworks. He was behind me and he asked me if he loved me. I said yes and kept staring off to watch the show. He kept taping my shoulder and I got annoyed and said “geoff I’m watching the show stop”. My best friend was like “sam look at me”. I turned around to him on his knee and asked me to marry him. I screamed shut up 8 times. It was all I could say. Everyone around couldn’t tell if they should clap or not because I wasn’t saying anything else. I finally screamed yes.”

Watch their wedding video here

We loved working with these wedding vendors
Venue- Bamboo Gallery, Photographer- Angela Winsor, DJ- Pariba Productions

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