The Wanderer’s Club Wedding

January 24, 2017

Virgilia and Robert tied the knot at the Wanderers Club in Wellington, Florida. The couple had beautiful ceremony outside with many family and friends. Virgilia wore bright red lipstick to give a pop to her beautiful dress and special day. The couple danced the night away and even listened to the most beautiful and inspiring speech given by her best friend wishing the newly weds a happy life together. We love hearing your engagement stories as much as we love filming your wedding day! Hear Virgilia and Robert’s Engagement story

“It was Valentine’s Day of 2014. We had spent the entire weekend just enjoying each other’s company- Friday, we went biking at Jonathan Dickinson State Park, then Saturday I made him an amazing breakfast and that night he took me out to the Melting Pot in Boca. Then we came home and had a little fire in the backyard, then went to bed. So AFTER all of these amazing events and opportunities, while we were in bed about to go to sleep, just talking, I turned to get a drink of water while we were blabbing about a 5K that we missed at Riverbend park, and when I turned back around he had the ring in his hand and he said something to the effect of: I was wondering if you want to marry me. It was funny because he had all of these opportune moments he could have used but he chose to do it when we were just ourselves, comfortable, no fuss, which I kind of appreciate. Our relationship has always been so low key and organic, so it makes sense that the proposal followed suite. “

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