A Morikami Japanese Gardens Wedding

January 25, 2017

Nathaly and Wayne had a beautiful ceremony outside at the Morikami Japanese Gardens. Nathaly and Wayne shared a beautiful first look and their first dance were all smiles. The happy couple asked everyone to take upload and hashtag their wedding for all to see. The couple sat in chairs and were raised up as the guests danced the hora. We love hearing about their engagement story,

On 1/5/2016, Wayne planned a quick romantic getaway to Costa Rica for their “one- year-and-six-month anniversary”. After a few days of zip lining, mud baths at the volcano, and hiking to waterfalls, he asked Nathaly one morning (1/7/2016) to do something more leisurely: to take a walk with him on the beach. As she approached the ocean waters, he suddenly stood behind her. When she turned around, he was down on one knee asking her if she wanted to spend the rest of her life with him. She said YES! but not before almost fainting from surprise, she even had to get on her knees as well, due to the shock and plethora of emotions that took her breath away. It was a funny but very meaningful reaction, one that she had never experienced before that moment. The day Wayne proposed was the best day of both of their lives.

Watch their Wedding Video here!

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