A single donation from the #FilmAWeddingFeedAPet can provide one of the following.

• . provides spay/neuter for 2 community cats
• . provides food and care for a homeless animal for 5 days.
• . provides a microchip for 6 newly adopted animals
• . provides a medical examination of an injured or abused animal
• . sponsors 2 Senior to Senior adoptions

Learn What One Wedding Can Give

So Many Reasons to support Peggy Adams Animal Rescue Leage

There are countless reasons why we chose  to give to Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League. Here are a few:


•Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League is a no-kills shelter. We can get behind that! 

•Countdown to Zero program means Palm Beach Country will be a no-kill county! Offering low cost or no-cost spay/nuter programs over the years has greatly reduced the unwanted pet population for the good!

•Peggy's Pantry gives food to families struggling to feed their pets. By offering pet food to local families, it helps keep families and their fur-babies together and out of the shelter.

•Behavior and Training programs that helps shelter animals become adoptable and they also offer outreach programs to help keep owned animals in their homes. 


•Trap-Neuter-Vaccinate-Return program supports the reduction of free-roaming cats in the community. 

•Wellness Clinic offers affordable healthcare to pets in the community. 


Learn more by visiting thier website