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We are a team of creatives who LOVE  love  and are passionate about telling your story.

We take the responsibility of being the gate keepers of the memories from your wedding day. Understanding how important your wedding video will be for you in 10 even 30 years after your wedding is essential.

Believing in communication and having a team approach is crucial on the wedding day. We promise to work along side your photographer and keep communication open so that you will have the best photo and video experience.

Photographers love us!

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Hilton, West Palm

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Rehearsal Dinner Toasts
We film you and your guests as you gather for your rehearsal dinner, and record toasts and speeches as well as the overall ambiance at the dinner. The film is the perfect prequel to your wedding film and will be a separate chapter of to the film.

An edited film located in a separate chapter dedicated to all the funny and missed moments of the day that just didn't make the final film. 

Extras Reel
The good, the bad and the shaky! Push play and watch all the raw moments of the day, just as they were shot. If you can't get enough of your wedding day, this could make for a fun way to relive all of it.

Raw Footage
Completely unedited, straight out of camera. You'll have everything we shot from the day in a Quicktime file format to back up and save for the future. 

8 hours • 2 cameras

Highlight Film


Digital Delivery

6 hours • 1 camera

Highlight Film


Digital Delivery

4 hours • 1 camera

Highlight Film


Digital Delivery

Coming Soon Trailer 
A creative edited piece designed to give you a little taste of what is to come. The trailer includes snippets of the day, without revealing too much of what will be delivered in the longer films. The trailer is then posted online, so that it can be shared with friends and family.




Instagram Edit
A special film designed to share on Instagram.  We will feature your film on our IG and send you a copy for you to share too.





prices are subject to change without notice


The doc edit is the full film. That includes ceremony, and reception formal events and all the things in between! This is the perfect film to invite your friends and family over, pop some pop-corn and snuggle in for a movie night to watch your wedding film.  The film usually runs 40-60 minutes long. That is just an estimate! We customize your film so the length of your wedding film may differ from the estimate. 


This short and creative film features a highlight of the day along with bits audio and music. The film is then posted online, so that it can be shared with friends and family as well as included in the final delivery.

Highlight Film

Having two cameras allows you to see different angles during formal events. The most notable is when the film includes both the groom's reaction as as well as the bride walking down the aisle. We believe that 2 cameras are best for most weddings.
For intimate weddings and elopements, one camera is usually selected. Couples also choose once camera to save on costs. 

Number of Cameras

We deliver all films through a cloud system using a specialized delivery format. It is like an online DVD or Blu-Ray and will have personalized menus similar to a DVD or BluRay. You will be able to download your films, share them with friends, and stream on all your devices. The files can be played on Smart TVs, your computer, be placed on your phone any played in media players like a thumbdrive or netflix. 

Digital Delivery

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